We currently have a partnership with the City of Las Vegas and the Clark County School District. 
We also work closely with Variety - The Children's Charity of Southern Nevada to bring yoga to children in Las Vegas.

We currently are teaching private classes at the following facilities:
  • Valley High School
  • Veterans Memorial Community Center 
  • Lorenzi Park Community Center
  • East Las Vegas Community Center
  • SAFY Foster Care

Our mission

Where we Serve

No yoga room? It's OK!   YOGA CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE!   Contact us today about bringing yoga to your facility.  We can turn any space into a yoga space.

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Support our partnership with

Variety - The Children's Charity of Southern Nevada

We work with students from the following schools:
  • Valley High School
  • Variety Day School
  • Palo Verde High School
  • SAFY Foster Care
  • East Las vegas Adaptive Learning Program

About Us

Our mission is to provide children, adolescents, adults and seniors (including those who are disadvantaged, have special needs, disabilities, sick, injured or other life challenges) the opportunity to use and improve their imagination, visualization, physical abilities, and mental focus through yoga. We give individuals tools for life to get the most out of their mind and bodies. This will develop a positive self-concept and improve the ability to relate to others.

Mindful movements of the body and meditation have been proven to do wonders for the human body and mind. Yoga For Life Las Vegas gives people life-long tools that will help them become strong individuals and contributing members to their community and the world.