After school mindfulness


Do you provide yoga mats?

Yes!!! YFL provides yoga mats and props needed for every class. Your child may bring their own mat if the prefer. Please be  sure your child's yoga mat is labeled with their name so their mat does not get put away with the YFL mats.

Please be sure to pack a light snack (fruit is great) and water for your child.

What should my child wear?

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in is best. Children with long hair should tie their hair back out of their face. 

How long are yoga classes?

Generally our yoga classes are 30-60 minutes depending on the location and preference of facility. We can make any length of time work. Even a short yoga practice is better than none!

How many students in the class?

We limit the class to 20 or less students. Most classes have 6-15 students. 

Can my child get injured in yoga?

Yoga is a physical activity, and like ay other physical activity, injuries can happen. However, our teachers are specially trained in anatomy and correct yoga postures to help assist your child in learning proper mindful movement awareness. We want the best for your child, and we hope to inspire a lifetime of body appreciation and mindful movement exploration. 

What forms will I need to fill out?

All YFL afterschool program participant guardians will need to fill out a general form with contact information, a short questionnaire so our YFL teacher can learn about your child to better plan their classes, a general waiver and image release. We do not show faces on any photos or post on social media without permission. Depending on location, there may also be a Safe Key or other similar form needed. 

Yoga For Life has after school yoga programs in schools throughout Las Vegas. ​​

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After school mindfulness

In a YFL after school yoga class, your child can enjoy a non-competitive environment where they will experience movement in the body through yoga postures, learn techniques for self-regulation, confidence building, resilience and creative expression.

Our classes inspire mindfulness, body awareness, compassion and creativity through imagination, yoga poses, breathing exercises and play. Our goal is to give young minds tools for life to create an inspired life, a happy community and a bright future.