Often children with special needs feel left out and frustrated.
Yoga meets the individual where they are without judgement. Yoga encourages self-esteem, mind-body connection, connection to the people environments they are in, and promotes a healthy relationship and identification with their condition.

Our Yoga Instructors have specialized training to work with all disabilities, including: 

Emotionally Disturbed
Down Syndrome
Cerebral Paulsy
Sensory Processing Disorder
Physically Disabled

Yoga instruction becomes more physically challenging and detailed (but still fun!) to assist in the growth of self-esteem, and connection, along with the benefits in the physical body of strength, flexibility, coordination, and improved body awareness. 
Adolescents need the ability to manage their emotions and stress as they explore their transition into adulthood. Yoga will give them tools to manage their emotions and behaviors.
Our focus is on helping children and adolescents develop a positive-self concept, teaching them how to better relate to others and the world they live in, reducing anxiety and managing healthy emotions. Increased awareness, self-control, coordination and balance, mental focus, physical strength and flexibility, are enhanced in a fun, comfortable environment. Classes can be divided by grade, age or ability.

Ages 4-7 incorporates yoga poses with songs, stories, social, sensory and motor skills. A fun introduction to healthy physical and mental wellbeing.  

Ages 7-14 incorporates themes, and yoga poses, assisting to increase body awareness, strength, flexibility, coordination. Encouraging  cooperation, respect, and self-esteem in a non-competitive environment. This promotes learning to balance emotions, including stress, improving the ability to find a sense of calm and greater focus.

Children, Teens and Young Adults

Specialized yoga classes for unique individuals to become the best version of themselves.