Chosen by his teacher Ziya.

When M.D. steps onto his mat, his face lights up, a smile takes over and he's ready for whatever comes next. He now follows the entire yoga sequence with ease. His nonverbal imitation skills and ability to follow verbal instruction cues has improved greatly. He has made significant gains on and off the mat and has become more physically and mentally flexible. 

From his teacher at Palo Verde High School:

"Yoga has given M.D. confidence. He feels that this is something he is good at. He uses the breathing exercises that you've taught for moments where he needs calmness. We did pretest for flexibility and imagine that we will see growth there as well. Thank you for a wonderful program!"

- Mrs. Hopballe, Special Needs Teacher Palo Verde High School 

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Congratulations Takira!


Chosen by her yoga teacher, Sarah.

Takira is a regular to our after school classes at Valley High School and is so committed to her practice on and off of her mat. She helps clean up and carry mats back to my office, has such a positive personality and motivates those around her, and has a difficult home life in which she cares for her younger siblings and even cooks dinner for them every night. She works at the mall and aspires to go to college and further her education so that she can make a difference in the world around her.
Right now she has about a 3.5 GPA so I have no doubt that she will accomplish that and more.