Wellness Professionals we love and trust

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Sessions,  JaeAna Bernhardt 702-21802218 

We often get asked if we can recommend great wellness practitioners who are experts in their field, willing to come to a clients home, and are comfortable working with various abilities, disabilities, and life challenges. 
Below is a list of references we trust and love. 

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Chiropractic Care / Applied Kinesiology

Hites Family Chiropractic, Travis Hites 702-201-9368


Soul Reikignition, Lora Singer 845-216-4848 


Hypnosis Nevada,  Dr. Richard K. Nongard (702) 488-9640 

Massage Therapy

Massage Customs,  Megan Beers 702-539-6802 
Magic of Massage, Les Slaughter 702-807-8137 
Colleen Bailey 702-249-3361 
Kristie Cooper 702-274-1296 


Acupuncture Vegas, Heather Brookman 702-527-2821