“The students will be relaxed and prepared for school and all challenges that come their way. I’ve seen students excel in this program. They’re more aware, present, and active in classes."  
- Alisa Ellis, Teacher at Valley High School 
"Yoga For Life program has been a very positive impact on my students. They use the breathing techniques they have learned to manage their anxiety and frustration, and yoga has helped them build courage and confidence. My students are excited for yoga class each week." 
- Special Education Teacher Palo Verde High School
“To me yoga is a form of therapy. I’ve struggled with depression, and anxiety and I found that yoga tends to help with that. Overall it’s a pretty fun experience and I will probably continue doing yoga after high school.”
- Britney B, student at Valley High School 
"I love doing yoga with my students each week. I am more flexible, I feel overall better, and I am more calm. I use breathing exercises in my classroom, and the students respond right away. It is something healthy for everyone to be doing."
- Special Education Teacher, Variety Day School
"The things we learn in yoga I can use in my classroom. Deep breathing exercises help to calm anxious or frustrated students. Their overall behavior is better, they are noticeably more confident, happier, calm, focused, patient and kind to others. I have also seen grades improving."
- Special Education Teacher, Palo Verde High School


"I feel more calm after yoga. I can focus better in school. And when I feel anxious or frustrated I remember my favorite breathing exercise, and that helps me. I am always excited to do yoga during school."
- student, Variety Day School