Thursdays 10am 
Derfelt Senior Center‚Äč
Inside Lorenzi Park 

3343 W Washington Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89107

FREE yoga class for Veterans and caretakers

Certified yoga teacher with additional certifications in Trauma and Recovery Yoga & S.O.A.R. (Success Over Addiction and Recovery). 
Retired CCSD educator, mother, grandmother, and wife of an US Air Force Veteran.
Chair Yoga for Veterans was designed to help men and women who have served to maintain optimal fitness, relieve stress, find peace, and help to cope with PTSD.  This yoga is ideal for those with injuries or permanent disabilities. You can learn how to do chair yoga in our classes and easily incorporate it into your home practice.


Meet your instructor, Phyllis
  • Comfortable, safe environment 
  • Modifications for all abilities
  • Chair yoga modifications
  • Instructor is certified in Trauma Recovery Yoga
Yoga For Life in partnership with The City of Las Vegas Department of Parks and Recreation, and Nevada Department of Veterans Services (NVDS)