Giving children and young adults tools for life to get the most out of their mind and body.

Each class allows the student a fun yoga experience with mindful movement, music, and age appropriate breathing exercises with a fun, uplifting theme with a Certified Yoga Instructor. The themes and basic exercises can be easily incorporated into their weekly classroom curriculum and at home to encourage further learning and application of life tools.



To provide all children and adolescents including those who are disadvantaged, have special needs, or disabilities the opportunity to use their imagination, visualization, physical abilities, and mental focus through Yoga to improve their positive self-concept, and their ability to relate to others and to be strong individuals.

Mindful movements of the body and meditation have been proven to do wonders for the human body and mind. Yoga For Life Las Vegas gives children tools for life that will help them immensely as adults contributing to their community and to the world.

Yoga for Life Las Vegas will provide specialized yoga classes to children and young adults without costing the schools or families money. The Las Vegas community kindly provides the funding via donations, grants, gifts, and sponsorships to assist in the supply of yoga props and payment to the instructors.  Contact us and get involved today!

All donations made to Yoga For Life Las Vegas are tax deductible.Click HERE to donate.